ACTS (Advanced Control Testing Systems) Technologies Inc. is a global manufacturer of innovative testing equipment for engineering research facilities, leads by world-recognized seismic professional, Professor Tony Yang. ACTS' interdisciplinary approach and powerful new patent-pending control algorithms allow academics and industry to innovate faster, lower test costs and improve the performance of our engineered world. Professor Tony Yang and ACTS has worked with world engineering consulting company ARUP, together completed numerous projects around the world. With the DNA from NASA, ACTS is the world's only damper manufacturer able to pass 3000 hours of Salt Spray Test, ensuring our dampers to have product life cycles for over 30 years.


ACTS introduced its ACTS-SDT (Smart Damping Technology) brand, featuring shock-absorbing, seismic technologies and products which offer dampers products include:  

Brant Hydraulics Corporation, a global hydraulics products manufacturer, with its extensive hydraulic experiences with ISO-17025 standard, been chosen by the ACTS to be the exclusive authorized agent for the ACTS-SDT damper products!! 

ACTS specializes in all types of dampers, seismic system analysis, seismic protection, design, damper system testings, while providing accurate, efficient, flexible and versatile damper testing systems which the markets need.

ACTS-SDT has worked closely with Brant Hydraulics on several well-known projects on damper system testings for years. ACTS-SDT will continue to bring out the better and greater damper products to our world.

ACTS-SDT not only provides the best quality dampers, but also focusing on the safety, products precision, and minimize costs for our customers, everything far exceeds customers' expectations.

ACTS-SDT dampers are widely used on technologies as well, include aerospace, war industry, civil structures, and more.

ACTS-SDT continues to develop and innovate on more dampers technologies.

Dampers are now everywhere in our life. More and more dampers applications are commonly used in our buildings, bridges, infrastructures, construction vehicles, and more.

ACTS-SDT strives to make our world a better and safer place.

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