Metallic (Yield) Damper (MD)

Metal dampers, also known as metal yielding dampers, are typically made of steel. They are designed to undergo plastic deformation when a building experiences a strong earthquake, thereby absorbing seismic energy and reducing structural vibrations. This deformation of metal damper will not returning to its original shape after a signaficant earthquake and necessitating a replacement.

ACTS-SDT also offer and has experiences in many different types of dampers, include metallic dampers. ACTS team leads by international seismic expert Prof. Tony Yang, together with other earthquake experts and other world-renowned earthquake research labs. 

Metallic dampers are well-known passive energy dissipation device. The structural response can be reduced when subjected to wind and earthquake by mounting metallic damper into the buildings, thereby reduces energy-dissipating demand on primary structural members and minimizes possible structural damage. Its effectiveness and low cost are now well recognized and extensively tested in the past in civil engineering.




We do have many other types of dampers products available. 

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