Viscous Wall Damper (VWD)

Viscous Wall Damper is a vibration attenuator using the shear resistance force of a highly viscous fluid.  It consists of outer steel container filled with a viscous fluid and an internal shearing plate. It is effective for absorbing a wide range of vibrations, from wind vibration to violent shaking caused by strong earthquakes.

The viscous damper walls feature low-cost, better performances, ideal for retrofits and easier to accommodate than diagonal braces or dampers. They are great for hospitals, medium to high-rise buildings, buildings with high-value content, buildings requiring continuous operation, and retrofits applications.

BBRANT HYDRAULICS is licensed to provide this innovative technology in the world. Together working with ACTS-SDT, leads by international seismic expert Prof. Tony Yang, along with many professionals with PhD degrees across seismic indsustries. Our goal is to meet all technical performance applications outlined by the Structural Specification and provide a damper design with long service life. We can design different types of viscous wall dampers to meet different building scales and vibrations. With our viscous wall dampers, no maintenance is ever required. It remains stable over many years, without leakage of fluid EVER.




We do have many other types of dampers products available. 

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