Many old buildings, or bridge, they are extremely dangerous especially in those countries with frequent earthquakes. Seismic protection is provided by installations of various types of dampers.

  • Fluid Viscous Damper (FVD) / Viscous Wall Damper (VWD) which resists motion via viscous friction, the resulting force is proportional to the velocity, but act in opposite direction, slowing the motion and absorbing the energy.
  • Buckling Restraid Braces (Wall) - BRB / BRW is a structural brace in a building, designed to allow the building to withstand cyclical lateral loadings, typically earthquake-induced loading.
  • Pot Bearing is a cost-effective and reliable device consisting of a mass, a spring, and a damper to reduce vibrations in buildings, machinery and equipment. 
  • Tuned Mass Damper / Tuned Liquid Damper (TLD) is a a device mounted in structures to reduce the amplitude of mechanical vibrations. 
  • Metallic Damper (MD) is a type of damper which combines soft steel's features like great ductility, low yielding strength, and energy- efficient. Through soft steel's deformation or bending, in order to dissipate seismic energy transfering to the building.
  • Visco-Elastic (Wall) Damper - VED / VEW provide great damping capacity in structure. It is made of visco-elastic layers connected within steel plates. It is mainly used to reduce resonant vibrations problems.

ACTS-SDT are also very effective in reducing reflections under earthquake and wind loadings without changing the stiffness of the buildings. 90º phase lag between damping force and inner stress are caused by deflection of the structures.

We have optimized our damper design to meet two design criteria goals:

  • a. Meet all technical performance.
  • b. Provide a damper design with long service life and maintenance-free.

ACTS-SDT dampers are designed and built of stainless steel with corrosion resistance and long service life.

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