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Brant Science and Technology Group™ (BSTG) is a multi-divisional, and multi-national corporation, consists of 4 major departments. 

1. Hydraulic Cylinders & Systems Department

2. Shock Absorber (Damper) Department

3. Testing & Laboratory Equipment Department

4. Welding & Machining Fabrication Department 

Whether it is the technology or the price, we have strong and professional potential to assist our clients enhancing the competitiveness. Brant Hydraulics offers the broadest line of solutions for the hydraulic industry. 

Brant Hydraulics Corporation develops and produces hydraulic actuators and systems for mechanical and plant engineering. Wherever you need us, we are there to help you find the most effective solution – for every application, from actuators to a complete system.

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Brant Hydraulics  Corporation's divisions involve in quality design, engineering and manufacturing of custom equipments. Over the last decade, Brant™ has grown by bringing together recognition as a major producer of heavy-duty, precision-machined, hydraulic cylinders and systems in the fluid power industries. Each product of the Brant Hydraulics represents the ideal synthesis of most modern technology, thorough execution and decades of experiences.

We have strong resource supplies to keep us having cheapest cost and shortest delivery. All our products are verified by FEA, static and dynamic fluid analysis, and designed by 3D CAD system. Our specialties include material selection, the design and manufacture of a full line of both standard of metric mill-type and tie-rod cylinders, as well as unique and often extremely large specialty cylinders and shock absorbers. Our extensive design and production tests and inspections keep our quality assurance.

As we observe ISO  regulations, all the components pass the inspections and the products will be fully tested with static, dynamic and operational tests. We use state-of-the-art methods and devices to fulfill the best quality assurance. Quality, efficiency and responsiveness to our customers' needs are Brant Hydraulics' primary goals, and we are fully prepared to design and supply the optimum hydraulic solution for you.

Brant Hydraulics™ cylinders and dampers
We used:

  • On extremely large construction, material-handling and mining equipment
  • On tunnel boring and offshore drilling rigs
  • In the primary metals industry
  • On presses and shears, and in many other fields
  • On infrastructures, buildings, skyscrapers, and bridges


At Brant hydraulics™
Our products are often imitated but never duplicated. We offer:

  • Widest selection of standard models
  • Simplified maintenance
  • All mounting types
  • Extremely large bores and strokes
  • Built to ISO specifications
  • Worldwide engineering services

We have state-of-the-art facilities to engineer any hydraulic cylinders, actuators, systems, equipment, and dampers beyond standard models.


AGC (Automatic Gauge Control)

ISO-6022 certified cylinder

ISO 6022 Certified Cylinders


ISO 6022 Certified Cylinders

Press Cylinder

Press Cylinder

seismic protection

Seismic Protection


Shock Absorber

Vibration Control

Vibration Control

fluid viscous damper (FVD)

Fluid Viscous Damper


Large Servo Material Test Stand

Accumulator System

Accumulator System


Shake Table


Servo Cylinder


Induction Case Hardening


AGC Cylinder Honing




Lathe Processing

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