Real-Time Performance Monitoring of Damper System

BRANT HYDRAULICS, with cutting edge real-time performance monitoring of damper system. Together working with ACTS-SDT, leads by international seismic expert Prof. Tony Yang, along with many professionals with PhD degrees across seismic indsustries. Our goal is to meet all technical performance applications outlined by the Structural Specification and provide a damper design with long service life. Dampers' installations are based on different buidlings' structures, and usually are not easy to check for maintenance. We can add performance sensors on each damper during installation, thus we will be able to check each damper's status in any time. This will enable the management or people to get a better understanding of the dampers' performance.




We do have many other types of dampers products available. 

Please Contact us or Email us for more details. 

Real-Time Performance Monitoring of Damper System features:

  • All data can be transferred back to users simultaneously.
  • Improved user interface, easier for users to control all data.
  • Continuous data recording, easy to search and operate.
  • Data collecting and analysis in the long run, with big data analysis to understand the trend.
  • Workable with solar charging, non-stop data recording.
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