ACTS Technologies Teams Up with Brant Hydraulics to Elevate Taiwan Damper Market

ACTS Technologies Inc., has been the leading shock control and damper specialist in North America for decades. ACTS leads by Professor Tony Yang. and other professional engineers from seismic renowned university Buffalo, Berkeley, and UBC in the world. Dr. Tony Yang is also the visiting professor for Tokyo Institute of Technology.


With ACTS’ own damper brand :



acts-sdt dampers integrate the latest and state-of-the-art technologies, includes structure analysis, hybrid simulations, controllers, and software.


ACTS already has strong and long term collaboration with International Earthquake Laboratory Alliance across the world, making ACTS and Brant Hydraulics able and easy to share the most recent seismic technologies in the industry.


ACTS also has countless partnerships with world seismic professionals and companies, include doing seismic design projects for famous engineering and architecture company, ARUP Group Limited. together completed many projects, in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, Canada, and many more. 


ACTS has proven that excellent damper products plus excellent analysis will bring up the perfect damper. Brant is proud to present the best damper in the world .


With the DNA of NASA in our blood, Brant Hydraulics will only distribute the best acts-sdt damper products, plus ACTS’ sophisticated analysis capabilities, together we will build the highest quality dampers and damping system for you, and soon making acts-sdt dampers a new history here in Taiwan.



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