World famous earthquake expert giving speeches in Taiwan

World Famous Damper & Seismic Expert Giving Speeches in Taiwan

One of Structural & Earthquake Engineering expert Professor Tony Yang from ACTS, known as Executive Director of ILEE (1st picture on the right) who recently held a lecture at TTSB (Taiwan Transportation Safety Board ) and another lecture held at NCREE (National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering in Taiwan) providing state-of-the-art knowledge in earthquake engineering! Tony Yang is also the "Visiting Professor" for Tokyo Institute of Technology. 

ILEE is currently the largest earthquake engineering research network worldwide including remarkable earthquake engineering research center such as PEER (USA), TIT (Japan), EERF (Canada), MAE (UIUC) USA, MCEER (Buffalo) USA, NCREE (Taiwan), Tongji University (Shanghai), SAEC (Chile) and QuakeCoRe (NZ)



Earthquake engineering


Lead extruded dampers (LED)


Shake table test


2019 ILEE summer program in Shanghai


ILEE-Intl collaboration


seminar at NCREE






Professor Yang is an active member of the tall building initiative project funded by PEER and also a good friend of the president of Brant Hydraulics , Mr. Henry Yang , who is very delight to provide technical support to Brant's shock absorber like how to optimize dampers & pot bearing / base isolators to its best performance.

Hence, Brant Hydraulics has more business opportunities to join lots of experimental projects from ILEE. In the meantime, It's an honor for Brant Hydraulics to welcome Professor Yang paying a visit to our factory and sharing his expertise and practical experience with Brant Hydraulics during his stay in Taiwan!


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