Historic Earthquake Meeting with the World Seismic Experts

Long awaited historic meeting, gathering the most reputable structure consultant in Taiwan, Kevin Chang, Brant Hydraulics and, and anti-seismic expert Prof. Tony Yang. World earthquake engineering expert Prof. Tony Yang reveals the LATEST anti-seismic and shock absorbing technologies and share his knowledge and practical experiences on the earthquake engineering.  

Kevin Chang, a well-known structure Engineer, in charge of Envision Engineering Consultant (EEC) company which has participated in over 500 projects both in Taiwan and abroad, include landmarks like National Taiwan University, Museum of Medical Humanities, Kaohsiung Museum, Taoyuan International Airport (Terminal 1), and a lot more. He has also won the Best Engineer by the engineer society in 2021. 

Prof. Tony Yang is the world renowned civil and earthquake engineer, also a Professor and P.Eng. who has earned numerous world's top engineering awards both academically and practically. Prof. Tony Yang is also currently a member and editor for North America Seismic Building Codes. He continues to make contributions includes new hybrid-simulation technologies, advanced anti-seismic devices, advanced seismic system, construction structure AI evaluation control, and Smart Infrastructure in all fields of the seismic industry. Over the years, he has provided technical support for world consulting companies such as Stantec, WSP, ARUP, and more. Also, participated in many world iconic buildings projects, such as, Museum of Anthropology (Vancouver), LA Live (Los Angeles), MNP Building (Vancouver), One Rincon (San Francisco)….others

Currently, as Brant Hydraulics is the official certifed agent for ACTS brand. Prof. Tony Yang is bringing ACTS into the Duck Island urban development project which the area takes place for more than 160,000m² and over CAD $3,000,000,000 are invested into this development project!!  

Brant Hydraulics is the pioneer to manufacture damper products in Taiwan and export to the North America. We have damper manufacturing experiences for over 20 years. Countless projects have been done for infrastructures, skyscrapers and National Laboratories. Now, we are the certified agent for ACTS (North America brand) for the shock absorbing / anti-seismic products and manufacturing process, it will greatly and further enhance our technologies in the seismic industry. 

For any seismic question or inquiry, please contact us any time. 

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