submarine hagc cylinder

Submarine Steel Plates made by Brant Hydraulics Hydraulic AGC (Automatic Gauge Control) Cylinder

hagc cylinder submarine agc cylinder



The AGC cylinder manufactured by Brant Hydraulics is the heart for making submarine steel plates, responsible for the steel strength and thickness. Because of Brant’s AGC cylinders, that makes the manufacturing of the submarine project and steel plates possible and turns dream into reality.

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Because of Brant Hydraulics’ extensive experiences in making the AGC cylinders and other hydraulic cylinder products , it makes the submarine project possible. And yet, Brant is designated and selected to build large number of AGCs (Automatic Gauge Control) for the largest steel manufacturing tycoon (CSC).

Our AGCs will make sure all the submarine steel plates are high above the required standards.


submarine steel plate agc

AGCs precision is the key of making quality submarine steel plates

submarine steel plate

Submarine steel plates need to be strong enough to be able to use for the submarines


agc cylinder test bench
hydraulic agc cylinder
sms agc cylinder
mhi agc cylinder

Brant Hydraulics will be your best choice to manufacture your AGC!

No one in the world can test your cylinders like Brant Hydraulics Company. Brant has the most advanced test facilities for AGC cylinders in the world. In fact, Brant is the only company in Taiwan who has the abilities to manufacture 100% AGC cylinders, and with the complete “AGC dynamic test bench” available to test all types of AGC cylinders. Over the years, we have experiences in manufacturing and export dozens types of AGC cylinders to many world-recognized top steel mills.


As long as you have any AGC cylinders and any related inquiries, whether for manufacturing, maintaining, upgrading, designing or any other hydraulic related matters, Brant Hydraulics will be your No. 1 manufacturer choice on your hydraulic cylinders. We will deliver as we promised!





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