Automatic Gauge Control Cylinder

Hydraulic AGC (Automatic Gauge Control) Cylinder and System is constructed by Hydraulic Mill for Sheet Gauge Rolling. We provide Total actuators, for Integrated hydraulic AGC cylinder which include Push-up cylinder with servo valve.

Various types of our AGC (APC, AWC, HGC) cylinders have been selling well in the domestic markets as well as in international markets. And we have the complete dynamic testing equipment to work with them.

These strong and reliable mill type hydraulic cylinders are built for heavy-duty steel mill applications. They have been heavily tried, tested and still remained stable in the most extreme conditions.

We have many references in the world. Contact us or Email us for more details!

BRANT HYDRAULICS offers a viable and professional alternative for repair and / or replacement of these most critical cylinders, with bore diameters typically around 1250 mm. A typical cylinder used as the primary roll force device in a steel or aluminum rolling mill must operate trouble free at loads/ pressures up 45MN/ 450 Bar, for many years.

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