BRANT Continues to Deliver AWC Cylinder for Steel Mill

Recently we successfully delivered this hydraulic "AWC cylinder" for our steel mill customer. This world renowned steel mill is the top ranked steel mill in Asia. 

AWC cylinder is known as "Automatic Width Control" Cylinder. It is a large rolling mill equipment used to control the width of iron plate which required by our customers. 

Over the years, we have built countless steel mill cylinders over the years, include AGC (Automatic Gauge Control), tilt cylinders, lifting cylinders, rotary cylinders, walking beam conveyor, plus all types of hot rolling, cold rolling cylinders and more. Basically, we have done almost all types of cylinders in a steel mill. 

The test bench was upgraded by reinforcing its durability, testing performance, and capacities by adding supporting structures to make it more durable. The test bench can not only test most of the AGC force of 3000 pounds, but with the support structures, now it can test the AGC up to amazingly 5000 pounds without problems!!! That will make us the only company in Taiwan to have the ability in testing AGC with such force. 

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awc cylinder


automatic width control cylinder



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