AGC test bench

Hydraulic AGC Cylinder Test Bench Upgrade

Brant Hydraulics not only can make quality AGC cylinders, but also able to meet the demand of testing AGC cylinders.  With the high demand of HAGC testing on the market, we are the only company in Taiwan who has the ability and equipment to do AGC dynamic testing with 6000 tons of force. The test bench was powered and controlled by delicate and latest MTS system. This custom-built test bench has been with us for more than 20 years, it still gets the job done all the time. While the test bench is on its routine maintenance, we decided to give it a big upgrade, so it can continue to work for a period of time and continue to deliver quality AGC for our international customers. 



Our professional engineers took great deal of time to re-calculate its structure in order to maximize its performance. The test bench was upgraded by reinforcing its durability, testing performance, and capacities by adding supporting structures to make it more durable. The test bench can not only test most of the AGC force of 3000 tons, but it is built to test the AGC up to amazingly 6000 tons. That will make us the only company in Taiwan to have the ability in testing AGC with such force.  


 Also, we have upgrade the platform by extending the platform surface further outside, that will give us more room for larger AGC and possible further upgrades with hydraulic cylinders or dampers testings in the future. Contact us for any inquiry. 


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