Spherical Bridge Bearings

Spherical Bridge Bearing – Low Friction and Excellent Accommodation Feature

Spherical bridge bearing, also called spherical bearing, spherical bearing pad, is designed to ensure vertical and horizontal forces transferring under control which is a connection devices between superstructures and substructures. It consists of steel plate enclosed with edge sliding guide and stainless steel panel for sliding controlling, under the stainless steel panel is a PTFE sheet, which is recessed into the steel to a depth and contains a special lubricant to ensure permanent lubrication of the sliding surfaces. Then there is a stainless steel panel with a convex bottom face to facilitate rotations. The bottom component is concave steel plate that covered with a recessed PTFE sheet to transfer whether horizontal or vertical forces safely.


The spherical bridge bearings are classified into three types according to different sliding direction.

  • Fixed type. Provide rotations capacity from any direction only.
  • Guided type (Uni-directional sliding). Rotation plus movement in one direction.
  • Free sliding (multi-directional sliding). Rotation plus movement in all directions


  • Available in any directions movements.
  • For the PTFE sheet, there are minimum sliding friction coefficient.
  • PTFE sheet with lubricant to reduce sliding friction.
  • Accommodate high rotations and any directional movements.
  • Suitable for low temperature regions.
  • The effect on concrete reaction is homogeneous.
  • Strong enough for long time service.
  • Complying with BS EN-1337, KS4424, AASHO, ISO or other custom standards.


  • Spherical bridge bearings are designed for bridges or structures where very high vertical, horizontal and lateral loads are needed.
  • It is can also be used in places where large rotational structural displacement are needed to be accommodated.
  • Spherical bridge bearing can be used in different complex bridges, such as curved bridges, skew bridges, right bridges


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