Self-Contained Electrohydraulic Actuator

Self-contained electrohydraulic actuator, originally developed with safety function for valves control in turbines. The actuator using petroleum-based hydraulic fluids as working medium, these actuators comprise oil source, accumulator components, control integrated block assembly, cylinder components, displacement sensor assembly, and electrical control box assembly. All of the components are compactly structured, so there is no external piping necessary and reduces space. It is closed to basically no leakage, and is servomotor driven, so only consumes energy when you need it.

Its configuration can reduce initial costs as much as 35% compared to a conventional hydraulic or electromechanical actuator. In addition, the system has a considerably higher operational reliability because it eliminates external hydraulic disturbances.

BRANT HYDRAULICS offer quality, efficient self-contained electrohydraulic actuators that is high-energy efficiency and generates low heat. Compatible with existing hydraulic, electromechanical, and pneumatic actuators. 

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