(NEW!!) Self-Centering Friction Damper (SCFD)

The NEW and Innovative SCFD (Self-Centering Conical Friction Damper) utilizes conical surfaces and posttensioning tendons to resist the earthquake loads in all directions (axial, shear, and moment). The conical surfaces force the SCFD to self-center, making the SCFD highly desired for earthquake applications. 

The SCFD are very flexible for installation for different building structures and applications. SCFD can be used to accompanied with steel types of steel bracing for connecting with different structures.   

Our SCFD enjoy the below advantages as three-directional dissipation mechanism, compact in size, self-centering features, and customization in large quantities. 

SCFD is developed and designed by ACTS's Prof. Tony Yang. ACTS seismic team, together with Brant Hydraulics' seismic experts. SCFD anti-seismic device has been tested in various extreme conditions and proved to have great results comparing with conventional friction dampers.  

We designed SCFD with extended new features to replace traditional friction dampers, greatly reduce any possible damping impacts and vibrations, so that an optimal movement sequence or optimal vibration behavior is achieved.


We do have many other types of dampers products available. 

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