Hydraulic Service Manifold (HSM)

BRANT HYDRAULICS servo hydraulic system equipped with custom accumulator to store energy as needed and to provide independent pressure regulation for the precise control, isolation and distribution of hydraulic fluid to test stations.

Separate filtered circuits are available for valve pilot and hydrostatic bearing pressures when needed. Multiple stations are also available, each with switchable low and high pressure solenoids, and pressure gauges for monitoring the output pressures. With the application of accumulators, relief valves, port control valves and check valves, a critically designed manifold block assures a clean and constant hydraulic supply for various applications.

Manifolds can be configured with a range of accumulator options to smooth noise in the hydraulic supply, and ensure a constant pressure at the servo valve during transient events.

Brant's hydraulic service manifolds set the standard for hydraulic service manifolds with advanced design, quality components, and variety of options. Special high flow manifolds are available on request, along with manifolds with special accumulation requirements.

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