JOHS 110 Cylinders

  • Standards:  JOHS 110
  • 6 mounting styles
  • Bore Ø: 40 to 250 mm
  • Rod Ø: 22.4 to 180 mm
  • Stroke length up to 2m
  • Hydraulic cylinders with bores of 40 to 250 mm designed to be installed and used on heavy machinery including steel mills
  • Heavy-duty type resistant to surge pressure, vibration and impact
  • High-performance hydraulic cylinders designed through careful examination of machining accuracy, surface treatment and sealing materials
  • Design based on advanced techniques allows the cylinders to be used for special purposes
  • Conforming to JOHS-110 of the Japan Fluid Power association.

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Nominal pressure: 7 MPa / 14 MPa

Max. working pressure: 14 MPa / 23 MPa

Working temperature range: -10 °C to +80 °C

Working speed range: Ø40 to Ø160: 10 to 500 mm/s Ø160 to Ø250: 20 to 500 mm/s

Paint Color: Munsell 7.5 BG 5.5/2.5

Applicable fluid: Petroleum-based fluid is recommended.

*Above information is for references only, please contact us for custom specification.

Higher operating pressures on request.

Installation: Optional


Each cylinder is tested to Brant standards. Cylinders whose application data lies outside the stated values can be offered as a special version. Cylinders with piston Ø > 250 mm are available on request. For assembly, commissioning and maintenance cylinders, please contact us for more details.

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