Ceramic Coating

The surface of the piston rods for hydraulic cylinders is one of the critical points in all hydraulic installations. An appropriate combination of base material and processing technology, along with the sealing system used in the corresponding hydraulic enviroment, is essential to optimize durability and cost-effectiveness.

Depending on the application, and based on the experience of Brant Hydraulics and our partners, we advise on the most appropriate treatment and quality of materials in any given application. Some possibilities for surface treatment:

  • Hard chrome
  • Chrome multilayer
  • Nickel chrome
  • NIL35
  • Ceramic (plasma, HVOF...)
  • Sintered-on Ni-Cr-Bo-Si
  • Nitride
  • Welding Pta
  • Laser cladding
  • Others ...

Hydraulic cylinders in the general mechanical engineering field, as well as in extreme operating environments. Brant Hydraulics offers highly specialized rod coatings options to meet the need for every environment and budget of our customers. 

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