Building Isolators

BRANT HYDRAULICS building isolator is made by layering rubber and steel plates, bonded through high-temperature vulcanization. The connecting components consist of flange plates and embedded parts. Its main function is to connect the upper and lower parts of the structure, supporting the weight of the upper structure and isolating it from seismic effects. Comprised of precision-engineered steel components and high-damping rubber materials, it is suitable for high loads, displacements, and rotations.


Together working with ACTS-SDT, leads by international seismic expert Prof. Tony Yang, along with many professionals with PhD degrees across seismic indsustries. Our goal is to meet all technical performance applications outlined by the Structural Specification and provide a damper design with long service life. Dampers' installations are based on different buidlings' structures,  We customize your all types of building isolators according to customers requests, our engineers design and calculates the right bearing for the project's needs.. We ensure our quality, design and manufacture process fulfilling International Standards. We also perform internal tests, to guarantee the maximun quality control.


We do have many other types of dampers products available. 

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