The Visit of the Legendary World Seismic Expert

Prof. Dr. Tony Yang has been again invited by NARLABS (National Applied Research Laboratories) to Taiwan. He is not only the world’s renowned seismic expert, but also the leading board member on National construction buildings codes in North America such us FEMA, AISC, CAS, and NBCC.


He will be visiting Brant Hydraulics Doctors staff here and ACTS Vice President besides his schedules at NARLABS, NCREE (National Center for Research of Earthquake Engineering). With Brant Hydraulics and ACTS, he will give numerous seminars and speeches to all of our staff on his researches works and sharing all the new technologies which has not yet been revealed to the world. 


Prof. Dr. Tony Yang, gradated as the #1 student in University of New York-Buffalo and received honors from Civil Engineering Dept and was voted the student representative to give graduate speech. He received Master Degree also in SUNY-Buffalo, instructed by Director Geroge Lee of MCEER (National Center for Earthquake Engineering Research) and earned Presidential award in 2006. Later, he earned his Doctor Degree in UC-Berkeley which is famous with their engineering departments. Also, instructed by Dr. Jack Moehle, the Director of PEER (Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center).


Prof. Dr. Tony is the developer of OpenSees Navigator software in analyzing seismic structure which has been downloaded over 40000 times worldwide. Also, he is the inventor of the new nonlinear controller technique analysis which high increase the seismic experiments’ accuracy and reliability and been approved used on several world laboratories and experiments, while bringing the hybrid simulation and new AI (Artificial Technology) techniques to the table. Introducing and bringing the so called, “Smart Structures”.


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