Official Distributor Agent of ACTS Smart Technology

ACTS Technologies Inc., in North America, is known for its "Smart Technology". ACTS is already the world leader in controller software, smart hydraulics servo actuators, shock absorbing technology, AI technology, hybrid simulation, custom lab design, and all types of "smart" laboratory testing equipment.


Now, Brant Hydraulics is proudly to announce that we are the sole and official distributor agent for all types of ACTS products in Asia. We will be in charge of all the sales activities of ACTS products. Most importantly, we have the complete rights for all the ACTS resources and technologies at hand!!!


We are here to solve any problem that you have with our ACTS Smart Technology. We not only can satisfy your requirements, but also are going to amaze you with our top quality products, bringing you an unforgettable experience. 


Let us take you together to the next level and generation of SMART Technology. 

 For any hydraulics inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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