BATS (Bi-Axial Testing System)

BATS (Bi-Axial Testing System)

BRANT HYDRAULICS has been honored to participate as a manufacturer with other major manufacturers in this BATS project for NCREE (National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering in Tainan, Taiwan). Bi-Axial Testing System, also known as BATS, it has the ability of bearing independently controlled loading on two orthogonal axes is used. BATS is used for conducting performance tests and research on full-scale seismic isolation bearings, which are regarded as one of the most effective devices for enhancing the safety and functionality of buildings, infrastructure and equipment.

BATS manufacturing process

Brant's service engineers also participated during the BATS manufacturing process, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Pot bearing testing in progress

Pot bearing testing in progress!

longitudinal and vertical stroke

BATS provide extremely high longitudinal and vertical stroke, velocity, and force capacity. The hydraulic distribution system was designed to provide flexibility to meet various testing scenarios.

BATS Bi-axial testing system

With its gigantic size and enhanced dynamic capacity, this BATS is considered a very rare Bi-axial testing system you can find in the world. It is built to meet many experimental requirements for full-scale seismic isolators.


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