AI Smart Leader in Metallurgy Industry

Oilgear has been recognized as the expert and leader in hydraulic industry in both the US and the world.


Former Actuatec General Manager, Henry Yang who gave the name and brand for “Actuatec”. He created and co-owned OTT with Robert (Bob) Drake of former Oilgear International Executive Vice President and Dale Boyke of former Vice President at Oilgear Milwaukee Headquarter in their early years.


OTT managed to complete a major project in the world right after its establishment, known as the No. 4 TNRL Hydraulic System project for CSC (China Steel Corporation). OTT’s abilities stood out from major competitions like Bxxxx Rexxxxx to win the project. It has proved that we have the abilities to finish all types of high level hydraulic projects.

The No. 4 TNRL project is still ranked the LARGEST hydraulic system project in the CSC history. The hydraulic system uses the biggest HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) in Taiwan, and 11 sets of 200 HP pumps were used, plus a record-breaking oil tank with nearly 2000 liters!!!


We have OVER 40+ of hydraulic experiences and it has deeply rooted in our foundation. Now, Henry is the CEO and President for Brant Hydraulics and also the Vice President and Partner for ACTS of Canada. We are evolving into a more diverse corporation and developing even wider ranges of hydraulic applications, smart industrial applications, and high-end control testing equipment…etc.


If you are still looking for Actuatec or once worked with Actuatec before, we know exactly what your needs are and we are here to satisfy your every hydraulic needs. For any hydraulics inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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