servo hydraulic cylinder

Servo-Hydraulic Cylinder for Earthquake Testing Equipment

Brant Hydraulics is well-known for its professional ability in manufacturing servo-hydraulic cylinders. We are certified with ISO 17025 laboratory and the ONLY certified laboratory here in Taiwan to have the ability to test and simulate different magnitudes of earthquakes beside Taiwan's National Earthquake Laboratory. 

We built this servo-hydraulic cylinder for a reputable and well-known testing laboratory. This servo-hydraulic cylinder is used as structure cylinder for a earthquake testing equipment. It must withstand serious of tough earthquake tests before it can put into work. 

The servo-hydraulic cylinder went through a lot of intensive and high strength of earthquake simulation and all types of dynamic tests. As expected, the servo-hydraulic cylinder operated smoothly and came up with perfect test results. Our customer is very satisfied with the test results. 

Whenever you have any servo-hydraulic cylinder inquiry, don't hesitate to contact us or email us any time. 


laboratory application servo hydraulic cylinder




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