Friction Damper (FD)

The friction damper operates on the principles of a coulomb damper or friction brake, translating kinetic energy into heat by friction. Allows the building to move elastically and dissipate the energy of the earthquake. This, in turn, produces substantial savings as structural elements can be optimized for cost savings.

ACTS-SDT also offer and has experiences in many different types of dampers, include friction dampers. ACTS team leads by international seismic expert Prof. Tony Yang, together with other earthquake experts and other world-renowned earthquake research labs. 

Friction Dampers act as a reusable fuse (no need for replacement after an earthquake) which simultaneously dissipate energy.  In doing so, the building is able to withstand an earthquake without sustaining significant damage to its structure.

BRANT HYDRAULICS friction dampers are suitable for damping impacts and vibrations. All friction dampers developed by Brant are designed for the respective product application, so that an optimal movement sequence or optimal vibration behavior is achieved.




We do have many other types of dampers products available. 

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